no promises.

         The sea and mind in gelid movement acquiesces to the euphoria           in the distant laughter      of gradual woven lines of darkness; let it die a thought in the consciousness of bare winter      after dark and dark a derangement in the cold      falls inside glistening      we’re hiding in the silence; I… Read More no promises.

Forget it all.

We desire the worst In our fleeting dreams, Furiously pounding As the wind whistles In the twilit flowers, Trapped in an invisible pathway Before us; a silence waiting for us, As we are drawn together, Waiting, to be sure beneath the cold stones That we can forget it all. © 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Is This Love?

Abandon all hope, ye who decides to read this. This is written for this week’s Terrible Poetry Contest. The topic is of first loves/first crushes. I also might now live up to the Little Writing Workshop of Horrors name after all. Enjoy. Your eyes, Your hair, Your cheeks, Your stare. Fart jokes and burps, Spitting… Read More Is This Love?