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no promises.

         The sea and mind in gelid movement acquiesces to the euphoria           in the distant laughter      of gradual woven lines of darkness; let it die a thought in the consciousness of bare winter      after dark and dark a derangement in the cold      falls inside glistening      we’re hiding in the silence; I hide within my mind. No promises of mine      … Read More no promises.

“Anatomy of Longing” by Tom Alexander.

Cutting to the heart of all this longingis it the vicious tongue you wag at meor the perpetual mystery hanging from your actionsthe contradictions of your possible state of mind I see the hurt, I feel the pain you carryand sense your urge to be desired by menthe flirt of all you do rings loudly before youand against my better judgementI can’t help but … Read More “Anatomy of Longing” by Tom Alexander.

Forget it all.

We desire the worst In our fleeting dreams, Furiously pounding As the wind whistles In the twilit flowers, Trapped in an invisible pathway Before us; a silence waiting for us, As we are drawn together, Waiting, to be sure beneath the cold stones That we can forget it all.

Throughout our dark minds.

Amber sunbeams stayed in my dreams; and I recalled whispers throughout our dark minds—autumn when our eyes met; The reverie of the cold entwines us in deferred reveries, in ambrosial shadows. The planet reaps Mosaic stars in backlit born reflections; we will plant a bowl of bluets by the fireside to recollect our love.

Frayed dreams (as one).

Frayed dreams, the pathway, Strangers and passengers, Abandoned by the wind’s blow, As we emerge from the lit sky, Traveling from our stone-kissed feet, And if you stood, I’d have not gleamed From the abyss, From the fern, soaked with blood, Shattered in the daylight, love; I hear footsteps evoke the brush, And the fields echoing, bolstered By the dream’s repertoire, The silence wrestled … Read More Frayed dreams (as one).

Is This Love?

Abandon all hope, ye who decides to read this. This is written for this week’s Terrible Poetry Contest. The topic is of first loves/first crushes. I also might now live up to the Little Writing Workshop of Horrors name after all. Enjoy. Your eyes, Your hair, Your cheeks, Your stare. Fart jokes and burps, Spitting and slurps, What’s a girl to do But sigh, … Read More Is This Love?

I’ll Remember.

As I touch the river that trembles upon my weak sunlit torrents upon a gentle lick of lilac, And I shiver upon the pale wisteria of the eventide like a wounded deer, For I wonder upon the dark lavender skies, and their cracked gentle weeping rivers That glint upon the surface below the Acrylic golden trees, and their blossoming tormented thunders Upon a weak … Read More I’ll Remember.

The Watchful Sea Beyond.

And when the still heart begins, Upon the droplets of the eminent ocean That whisked dead moons, courtly, upon love, That been deaf as the tides and their faintly moments With sorrowful wind, moved. When the still heart begins, The dead moon could shine and sheen above, With rivers dead to the cold watchful sea, And my heart withered upon the eidolons of moments … Read More The Watchful Sea Beyond.

As I’ve Forgotten Between the Wind.

As I’ve forgotten between the winds, Of some strange strangers walking, And the stalk of dreams had balm the reaches Of the settled flames in the wind, With the acknowledgement, rather bothered, Of the wasted, like bones dug out of the dirt, Like soil with collective stems of a crooked rock That brushed your fingers, all dampened, That a mother would tell you to … Read More As I’ve Forgotten Between the Wind.


An unimaginable fate lies, I had let it passing by, By a spell that would be relented; Of this “love” I have granted, Of whose darkened soul, I did cherish— With my pride! With my pride! On which upon a tormented nerve, I did not control. In a well everlasting eternity, Into a waking passion eternally, I ponder if it should be that it … Read More Unimaginable.