Winter roads.

Winter roads As the air collapses Into grazed Reformed minds Darker than apparition Words alone. Disconnected, Wish I could’ve known What to say As silence Lowers on the dark wood boughs In humanity. © 2020 All Rights Reserved.

The recitation of my dreams.

A/N: My take on the Terza Rima poetic form… or at least my attempt at one! 😛 Upon perishable rooted wandering shores The wind’s recitation, a hectic dream Through the picturesque of yellow moors: Slick, blackened, chaste, o’er oozy silver streams…. Read More ›

The ecstasy in your eyes.

Foreign silence beside fever roads: the aroma of fog carries the wind and twists delirium as the red geraniums fall to cold dune fields sleepily in cypress dreams picked by blazes lodged to frosty solitude by the sand hills. A… Read More ›

Unquiet Light.

Originally posted on Lucy's Works:
When the hand lays on sights, dead, That collapsed dust from earlier time, That acceded some time beyond the winds, lead With the lining, cried at first breath. Doth the rooms that kiss the…

A Winter Sere.

A winter sere upon ashen cypress leaves A paradise among a ghoul of wind, a fragile river, Where I, I will stay beside a midnight tomb that rose a shiver, Alas in the time!—the entombed willows illuminate the trees, And… Read More ›


Wind dwells the dusk far Into perishable hours Frail, the light enriches Darkness in the world. The voice in sweet cities, Sleeping in dim snow. Surrender beneath The universe in this room; A flower, a dream Will lie crisp Softly… Read More ›

Valhalla. (Prose)

It is in the beige evening by the willows and a café restaurant with the golden leaves and their shards on the grounds, covered in a cleansed rain. It is in the illumination of shatters that broke beyond the pale… Read More ›

I’ll Remember.

As I touch the river that trembles upon my weak sunlit torrents upon a gentle lick of lilac, And I shiver upon the pale wisteria of the eventide like a wounded deer, For I wonder upon the dark lavender skies,… Read More ›


Inspired by this awesome prompt. There, the shores of lonely remembrance see as to I have brought On the stirring abandoned rivers that are breathless through the shriveled drops of blood, And it is glinted from the wounding sun upon… Read More ›