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Kevin Morris Guest Post.

I am very happy to have a guest post on here by poet Kevin Morris. It not only features his amazing work but as well a bit of background on how nature influences his poetry. Please continue reading below, and do check out his links to find more of his publications and work. As well, if you would like to have a guest post … Read More Kevin Morris Guest Post.

our ghosts.

our ghosts accompany loneliness… mirrors of distant memory      find to the dusk like at sea      a memento in a dream      that eludes me and floats…      Orange blossoms into Ophelia’s violets and the granitic rocks      rush to the red dust for how quietly time has passed  through the statuary of rock      and forked poppies with leaves of loss it’s … Read More our ghosts.

Horror House Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest #5

Hello and welcome back! We are on week number five of the Horror House Flash Fiction Contest. This week’s prompt is this: “I assumed I had been troubled, but I couldn’t remember who I was entirely.” Do utilize the prompt in any shape or form you’d like. There is no word count limit, but anything up to or under 1,000 words is good for … Read More Horror House Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest #5

Visual Verse Publication.

My piece, “I leave in a deeper silence” was published in Visual Verse for their current chapter. This is my first publication with them. It is written under my main pseudonym, and you can read the poem here. My utmost gratitude and thanks to Visual Verse for accepting my piece. More so, be sure to check their anthology out as it’s still ongoing. Thoughts … Read More Visual Verse Publication.

“Patience Ignites” by Benyin.

Groomed with anchors of girth in youth, Pierced from the centre; a silver in the rough Native fires brimming in her heart Like an imago, queuing birth. My lives are a mystery and everynow, here! I’m a gem of promise, Often a want, amidst the midst of sufferings. A potent of the earth, wafted of perseverings and, sprinkling of godly waters delivered untaintedly, to … Read More “Patience Ignites” by Benyin.

once a tree stood.

tread for days      blood pours in a drowning      diving into oceans. A murmur      in the stillness of the sea absent in the lunula white, weeping in the dying of the eventide      may you decide to leave as the crawfish float in unyielding waters,      delusional, still seeking the innocence of the rock, give it a kiss for me           before … Read More once a tree stood.

“The Last Vow” by Priya.

Viewer discretion: Insanity and gore warning. And no disrespect to any religion was intended. He didn’t know why she’d asked to meet at the old cottage. It had been years since his wife had even mentioned this property. She greeted him at the door with a smile, vastly different from the weird behaviour exhibited by her since the last two weeks. “Come in,” she … Read More “The Last Vow” by Priya.

“Spooks and the Blue Ink” by Snehal Suhane.

Spooks, the ghost, was swaying in his spot, Spooks, the ghost, saw a great ink pot! Silly little Spooks wanted something to drink, Silly little Spooks gulped down the whole blue ink! And many still don’t believe it to be true, But poor little Spooks turned all blue! And do you expect Spooks to sit and cry? Oh no, dear Spooks isn’t that sort … Read More “Spooks and the Blue Ink” by Snehal Suhane.

“Story” by Elle Wilson.

Story Once upon a time Is how stories usually begin Promising adventures In worlds unknown Even though it’s just paper Markings And ink It can take you across the world And back In time for dinner Pull out a flashlight For late at night Get hooked on the characters And love them  And cry for them Wishing that you could be with them You … Read More “Story” by Elle Wilson.

Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #4 Entries.

Here are the rest of the entries for last week’s Horror House Wednesday prompt in the order received: Dream Girl by C. Hampton-Hill. His parents had gone to bed and there had been no movement for at least half an hour. Peter laid there; his bedroom illuminated by the screen of his laptop, its warmth seeped through the duvet and into his groin. He … Read More Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #4 Entries.

Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #4 Winner.

Last week’s prompt for Horror House Wednesday (HHW) was the following: “Isn’t this… Romantic?” “You’re a psychopath.” And boy, you psychopaths really outdone yourselves. 😉 Each entry was different, some were twisted and saturated with horror, others lighter with romance, dark humor and mystery. It was like a Christmas come early or rather a Christmas in July reading these entries and seeing how the prompt … Read More Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #4 Winner.

Planetary motion.

Wept in the death of Gods, darker still in the gathering ocean, with only tears that fall to them, in the red hyssop of the frost inclined to the penetralium of desire, as the ocean slips no fate by its sea song to kill empty, the abscission of leaf falls like glass we could not fall together as we once had, the very shock … Read More Planetary motion.