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death in the ocean.

Death in the ocean only comes once upon the prose tree in my mind, there is a darkness in the lithe stillness of autumn oaks now gone,                as olive flowers; a fantasy heartless in horizon by Rome hills, a sea of loss      is what we lost before to the ebbing across the fight of mind, let it turn away and leave;      … Read More death in the ocean.

Eyes #2

A/N: Inspired by this sketch prompt. Eyes  lissom, lost twinned in amnesia of darkness wrapped around the orphaned dream interwoven alone leave me alone; in transient smoke effused light and light then darkness crowned with arms around the stillness & blood-flow in droplets  under the tides to the rocks at sea. Seller Writing & Translation

Walk Alone.

Originally published here. Blue fog, derived from the morning,Dancing alone in an orchard with the breeze,In a world torn with a hunt—a slow death for us all,Then don’t let us go then.We walk alone into the arterial landscape,Growing colder and older,Split into freedom, around us were roadsHungered and torn to the shaking of whorlsBetween fallen sick bones and grazed water,Our whispers sleepy, our hands … Read More Walk Alone.

Of Death.

When your shrine of Death kisses and weeps, It bows that death of stream with washes of rapt echoes, When exclaimed, the vaults of sorrow through valleys ago, I should again be silenced by eidolons where no dream reaps, Where no dream wallows in the grown, endless shift that tailed Fires through some old stone, and then there are the fragile Shrill moonlit winds … Read More Of Death.