A/N: Another piece I wrote for an instrumental I created on Soundcloud. Check it out here. Early blooms rise at six axed in pale winter, a tumor of silence; in the white blossoms, fresh snow falls the night paradise lost into the womb and raid of memory, forgotten in the mist  we entreat. A temporal… Read More Deadzone.

Early dark.

In the early dark, Intermingled stirs shake and shake Between the round uncertainty in the uprooted flesh, It is mid-winter where there are blue peacocks, And ringing dunes that carry onto the bearers of ice In our face like waves, receded with flickers That are evasive in our bones with ferity Void of discovering dreaming,… Read More Early dark.

A Red Hyacinth.

We stopped in the primordial catacombs Waiting for the wrinkled aromas unto fresh Italy, And fog that had diverged the roots, laine with fallen roses; And I’ve heard the lonesome flow around the shore, Unrest among the madmen and women in the streets, And no more betwixt the gleaming roads, and yellow winters From before—“Let… Read More A Red Hyacinth.

Oh, Dream.

On the gloaming surf of the dark shore, I lay my abled hands on the crimson darkened porcelain glass On the shadows of warmth, etched from a pale glistening scar of an ivory white that blooms in miry winter And I trace—pressing against the folds and hems of skin that caves in pearl, frail ash,… Read More Oh, Dream.


Light, midnight, On moorlands, summoning fate, Alone, viceroys break Every pretty tear that rises And carries wind in lone summoning fate. As scars gleam in twinkling nightfall, as they fall to rest Upon trees, a thousand feet, that dance in sunlight, And worshipped on a pretty brow, bends the river-way And worshipped on pallid rests,… Read More Viceroy.


Winter tear drops leave upon the white flickers in the sea, Where I’ve looked to the red droplets that were dark as geraniums, Winter beats the cold orchids into the wind that is frail as bone, Where memory passed darkly as the ocean-white dream That is the faint mesa that trails of rocky red in… Read More Mid-Dream.

Dusk Alone.

The weaved hung warmth of vernal flame, That which kissed upon the tears through The hollowed smoke, which turns the eve. The golden dale washed through the sea As the reflection of the drafts that were bound to death To the stones that float, whisked by a gentle air With a chill to the dainty… Read More Dusk Alone.