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Horror House Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest #5

Hello and welcome back! We are on week number five of the Horror House Flash Fiction Contest. This week’s prompt is this: “I assumed I had been troubled, but I couldn’t remember who I was entirely.” Do utilize the prompt in any shape or form you’d like. There is no word count limit, but anything up to or under 1,000 words is good for … Read More Horror House Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest #5

“Patience Ignites” by Benyin.

Groomed with anchors of girth in youth, Pierced from the centre; a silver in the rough Native fires brimming in her heart Like an imago, queuing birth. My lives are a mystery and everynow, here! I’m a gem of promise, Often a want, amidst the midst of sufferings. A potent of the earth, wafted of perseverings and, sprinkling of godly waters delivered untaintedly, to … Read More “Patience Ignites” by Benyin.

Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #4 Winner.

Last week’s prompt for Horror House Wednesday (HHW) was the following: “Isn’t this… Romantic?” “You’re a psychopath.” And boy, you psychopaths really outdone yourselves. 😉 Each entry was different, some were twisted and saturated with horror, others lighter with romance, dark humor and mystery. It was like a Christmas come early or rather a Christmas in July reading these entries and seeing how the prompt … Read More Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #4 Winner.

“Our Secret Light” by The Blue Eyed Barbarian.

When Moonlights I show you my demons, when Moonlights I show you my dance, when Moonlights I show you my death.  Tonight your beautiful hair glitter and your irresistible light open up the first door to my mystical soul and then throw it away. I have a few more keys to work on towards your emotional journey. We are finally untied..  Up against a wall? …As the moonlight comes?.., … Read More “Our Secret Light” by The Blue Eyed Barbarian.

of memory.

I am dream-bound      to the weeping mother of an ocean shore, my shadow is darker      than the prose tree of mind and desire           a prospect of inner lunacy and death;      the clam’s mouth is lighter between the sun, into the silence of blue willows      to the inmost bones of creation           alone brimming in the mystic moonlight      for … Read More of memory.

“Dear women!” by Offshorewriter.

Sometimes You’ll just be too much of a woman Too strong Too smart Too beautiful And too much of everything! But it doesn’t mean you need to Show yourself less of a man To win his heart Be a crown to a man who accepts You’re too much of everything! Note from Offshorewriter: Visit Offshorewritings.com for more interesting blogs!  To check out more of … Read More “Dear women!” by Offshorewriter.

te amo.

A temblor, a rock by which is drawn together by the little tree in arms of darkness           May darkness;                in the blue perch of the eve,                      to sleep in the burial                           of the star, A leaf falls      pooled on its legs; ersatz silence           in a mind with a hole in it, which un-dreams the deep dark, in the … Read More te amo.

“I’m Leaving Everything To You” by Helena.

Just like a normal relationship, we had happy and bad memories together, but both I won’t bring to my next journey. I will leave them for you to have something to go back every time you miss me. I won’t be back for a while, or maybe for good. But, if ever I’ll come back one thing is for sure, it’s not for you– … Read More “I’m Leaving Everything To You” by Helena.

A sea becomes.

Of one memory, one for the end of the dark does not lie, I will not lie in it; darkness perfused I shut the window; here he bleeds, here he lies, though nothing is there. In furrows, mercy, it is laughable. The Earth succinct in waves in a lonely larva the dead poet’s dreams. Stand under my umbrella, we embrace in impassioned poverty of … Read More A sea becomes.

no promises.

         The sea and mind in gelid movement acquiesces to the euphoria           in the distant laughter      of gradual woven lines of darkness; let it die a thought in the consciousness of bare winter      after dark and dark a derangement in the cold      falls inside glistening      we’re hiding in the silence; I hide within my mind. No promises of mine      … Read More no promises.

a dream that wasn’t mine.

If ever I were to meetthe dream by sea-green eyesas they sleep, a beveled glassyet a reverie, I would imposeupon those that leftin the legs of wombto a leave-taking of melancholyas death alone drownsas the darkened sunset drowns. A sway of dark weeps,the ocean bleeds in the lithe rockswaddled at the surfdebased into what is leftthat cannot die,It was a dream that wasn’t mine. … Read More a dream that wasn’t mine.

Horror House Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest #2

Hello and welcome back! We are on week number two of the Horror House Flash Fiction Contest. I’m hoping that we’ll get double the participation this time around, but the turnout from last week was still fantastic.  This week’s prompt is this: “Where is your reality? Do you know where you are?” I found this old thing while deleting useless clutter on my laptop. Do … Read More Horror House Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest #2