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“Story” by Elle Wilson.

Story Once upon a time Is how stories usually begin Promising adventures In worlds unknown Even though it’s just paper Markings And ink It can take you across the world And back In time for dinner Pull out a flashlight For late at night Get hooked on the characters And love them  And cry for them Wishing that you could be with them You … Read More “Story” by Elle Wilson.

“Poet Don Reporting” by Don Matthews.

Poet Don reporting From the weath bureau Rain is falling up today Thought you’d like to know Thanks. Good to know…. You’re welcome…. Poet Don is from the illustrious Poets Society We are honoured to have him here with us today To check out more of Don Matthews’s work, go here. Want to submit something? Just go here.

into loneliness.

I broke away from the ocean, in through our eyes, the waves at high tides, the roccia parts and splits where Moses split the Red Sea. In the womb of wind,           limbs and bones outline the fading star,      and the world seemed to drown in yellow velleities of loneliness. Eyes to the dream, an echo, a bang      in aqueous shivers, bled … Read More into loneliness.

te amo.

A temblor, a rock by which is drawn together by the little tree in arms of darkness           May darkness;                in the blue perch of the eve,                      to sleep in the burial                           of the star, A leaf falls      pooled on its legs; ersatz silence           in a mind with a hole in it, which un-dreams the deep dark, in the … Read More te amo.

Ice dark (the world is dreaming).

lie across the taurobolium at the motherless spring without feeling, without breath; pale mulberries infiltrate the wind in ice dark of obscured dreams by the sea-green void, vanishing by the surf, as the fresh dew slumbers in the whiteness of morning exorcised with twigs of the dying trees.  flicker with the nightly, strange sea, the augur bleeds madly onto the sand behind the betrayed … Read More Ice dark (the world is dreaming).


lonely, born in the ecstasy this root of blood; walk away into the forbidden, unmade road split and wounded, eternally with revived memory, the stranger of winter shadows into the dark planetary motion, the insanity picked from flowers will too go on as we walk away.

“Thick Voices of Repose” by Brand.

Your spiritDrawn across the skiesVeiled in silver laceBeyond secret shadowsOn darkened peaksWhose granite walls echoThe voices of my heartJoined in constant songAnd cascadeBreaking away impermanenceAs the only rhythms of the nightWashing across synapses branching. Watching the wheel of new crescentPulling away cirrus crystal mistsMy feet rest in the flames of the earthAdding scent to my hairSpark to ashAnd lifting to the nightA gentle flakeUnnoticed … Read More “Thick Voices of Repose” by Brand.


Memory elides into the eyes there (let it die) in the sloth of dreams, it is a protest against the ice shadow of what the fuck were we thinking under   the frail permanence of memory, this stir dislocated into cracked lilacs red born as species, the earth moves the rock.   The ocean shivers each broken bone, come to the blood of desire … Read More Memory.

Collaboration Poem Ends In One Week.

Hello and Happy Earth Day everyone. I hope you are all doing well and safe wherever you are. There is only one week left until my poem collaboration closes. The theme concerns of freedom, how it impacts you, and what it means to you. It is a collaborative effort from the WordPress Community to create a poem all together during these trying times and … Read More Collaboration Poem Ends In One Week.

Effusion de sang dans les océans.

desire sails the salt winds in the dark sleep of eternity within the bloodshed of the sea effusion de sang dans les océans chantez votre chanson between the recluse of cherry dark blossoms, sleep shatters memories through the sea.

Dissonance of a dream.

the dark slithers, betraying the scarlet moon into the mellifluous hunger in each haze,  a new mother of spring, the hills, the silence of untiring wanton blood  broken between each finger and bone, nesting in the shadows in immense maddened breath across the perennial wound that dispels  with the rain and alluvium struck with the heavy winter, a shell to bind me to you, … Read More Dissonance of a dream.

The last thought.

Rocks lay before             the last thought and solipsism; Inside a frost stillness, decaying by the tree; Forbidden—the serpent’s blood betrays             the bone fingers that lay upon stone.                                     Feral. What happened?                                                 Illusory dreams                                                 are mere being.                                                             Devising a relent                                                                         to emerge outside                                                             to the city, deprived of life                                                                         deprived of streetlight.                                                                                     the lonely catkins … Read More The last thought.