Mes mots dans ce rêve.

The likeness of snow-covered heaps on desert-searing nights
Of a scathing wind that cursed a name and brought it
By the crook of a deserted nest sunbathed by bare hands,
Seducing a whistle to the primeval waters that shoehorn rocks
Reflected with an awakening flutter within a cold room
With lip of ice and loitering hill sides by a pale tide,
blistering with mercy;

Poem Collaboration! (Closed).

I’m holding a collaboration open for all to create a group poem together. It is not a contest, but rather an event we can all do together during these dark times of the world. Perhaps, this could help promote positivity in the midst of it all. Perhaps, we can meet new writers here from this collaboration and discover different pieces of writing. In a way, it doesn’t have to feel so socially distant.


a fucked up dream
stares left in its presence
in the old city lights,
warmer than the protestation
that rebels against animal bones
for different gods, this sacrifice,
in the brutality that begs our need

Collaboration Poem Ends In One Week.

There is only one week left until my poem collaboration closes. The theme concerns of freedom, how it impacts you, and what it means to you. It is a collaborative effort from the WordPress Community to create a poem all together during these trying times and social isolation.

It will end on April 29th, 2020, not accepting any submissions after April 30th, 2020 at midnight (EST).

A Red Hyacinth.

And I fall before the red branches, frail, wholly upon the utter stone that reared none for blood-sake,
And I kneel before the laughter and its fever, and its pride,
From before the evening of the distant fire among the blackened ocean, a beige fog,
Which lured me alone,
I called out to you