The Trinity.

Me and three others of the group formed a band and started creating more music specifically geared to different events that occur in the RP. One of the other members is my friend, Steel, and I would really appreciate if you could check out his track.

Identify Podcast: Episode 1 (Psyche).

The first episode of the “Identify” podcast delves into chapter one–where it all starts for Tom and what truly waking up means. Actions have consequences as the more he is delved into conspiracy on the island, the more he is wanted.

Not having his memories and not knowing who to trust, he is weary and terrified. Along the way, he meets an unlikely stranger on the island who shows him that even beyond the surface, there’s more that itches from beneath.

song and dance.

death by all the flowers
into my hands; moon-struck
in the deconstruction of the womb
in night of envying
cults of orgasm

“Catfish Jumping” by edenbray.

I was standing on the hillbilly side watching and wondering
How’d they get them black boys up, the sun was setting?
I wonder what they did or why they hanging so grotesque
Them trees, a black silhouette against an orange sky so fine

“THIS BRITAIN” by edenbray.

dragons head


I woke one day in that awful season pulling wallpaper from the drabbest wall

I heard the cuckoo in my head, that sound I had come to dread and larks ascending

Descending, on an unmade bed where art lives for arts sake neath a poem of bard Blake