Coffee Drinking 67

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And Au is back, one more time. I wont bore you with illnesses, apathy, headaches, and such things, only because Im doing early morning bird supply duty in a few minutes! For the Novel Collaboration…

Killing me.

I came back again
the full God, an opus
of your eye; I am her mad
spring—she wants to see
how far we flay in
our garden beds

Coffee Drinking 63

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Work, work, work… ahg, it kills my good mood and eats my time. I should be glad I even have it though, I dont know how it has lasted for so long, maybe its my…


mercy is laughable, the sword kneels a kill

unbridled nature swells where poison provides a fray

within my body, eclipses against me with pride instilled,

yet in this dance abandon I never move father away;

Novel Collaboration: Notice.

I’m now inviting three to four people would would like to work on the remaining chapters in this story until it can reach a definite conclusion. If you are interested in participating in this project, you can reach out to me via my contact page. Remember, I will be only choosing up to three to four people who can help finish this project with me.

Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 9.

Surreptitiously, she plucked them away and stashed them into her tiny fur bag bemoaning how she missed her Mom. Next time she won’t come along without her Mom. Not for all the tea in China! She wished her Dad had the nous to bring Mom along.

“Come on, Dad!” She exhorted in the manner of a raving loon.

Tom couldn’t help but smile only. As they arrived at the threshold, Clarence inadvertently hit a bump and stumbled headlong.