“My Symphony of Angelical Pain” by Benyin.

Then, was enslaved in your sheathin a bosom of appearing angelic roars;hosting daringly with perfectlygroomed verses, ofyour patterns of inflictionsUnfold me; mold me!I am available for yourdesiring wraths.Untame me, hold me,I am yearning whollyto see your demogorgonsSuspended in waves I shook my petalsbrightly fair to raid your waging pedalsConsole my hungerto behold in your slumberConsole… Read More “My Symphony of Angelical Pain” by Benyin.

“Only Moments” by Tom Alexander.

Remembering dim roomshushed conversationwhispering those complimentsalmost embarrassedtrying to communicate the reverencethe pure weight of all this feelingwading so deep in love Ah, they’re only moments… Remembering falling rainburied in each other’s coatskissing through smilesdesire whilst laughingbeing perfectly overwhelmed by someonethe greatness that is all-consumingswallowed so deeply by love They’re only momentsso missingso missed Today is… Read More “Only Moments” by Tom Alexander.