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“Spooks and the Blue Ink” by Snehal Suhane.

Spooks, the ghost, was swaying in his spot, Spooks, the ghost, saw a great ink pot! Silly little Spooks wanted something to drink, Silly little Spooks gulped down the whole blue ink! And many still don’t believe it to be true, But poor little Spooks turned all blue! And do you expect Spooks to sit and cry? Oh no, dear Spooks isn’t that sort … Read More “Spooks and the Blue Ink” by Snehal Suhane.

death in the ocean.

Death in the ocean only comes once upon the prose tree in my mind, there is a darkness in the lithe stillness of autumn oaks now gone,                as olive flowers; a fantasy heartless in horizon by Rome hills, a sea of loss      is what we lost before to the ebbing across the fight of mind, let it turn away and leave;      … Read More death in the ocean.