mercy is laughable, the sword kneels a kill

unbridled nature swells where poison provides a fray

within my body, eclipses against me with pride instilled,

yet in this dance abandon I never move father away;

“SAN FRAN” by edenbray.

So many pieces of the puzzle, there is no need to hide
but they were lost, caught in nets on Pier 39
Like an unfaithful son on the day of his bride
the colours of this city run and they rhyme
Pollock might say its a bit of a daub
until each piece he numbered

“Ballade for the Ultimate Seeker” by Stavyah.

Like the Sun that shines, radiating bright light,

a guru disseminates thoughts lofty and wise.

Using his power, directness, and mystical might,

pulls you out of every single and dangerous vice.

Get closer to your guru, feel the spiritual rise,

an elevation that could get you to the worlds beyond;

death in the ocean.

Death in the ocean only comes once upon

the prose tree in my mind, there is a darkness

in the lithe stillness of autumn oaks now gone,

as olive flowers; a fantasy heartless