“The Final Sound” by Nick Pipitone.

staring at these screens, I wonderif I’ll get sucked in one day &live inside the vastness ofcyberspace they tell me about virtual realityI cringe, then remind myselfyou can’t stop progress technology speeds uplike a fast-tracked audio file& when it gets to the endwill we hear the final sound? For further work, visit Fiction and Ideas.


cruelly, our moon-hungancient tree fathers a poetsperm in frail autumn, born industily springlace,and eyes to this earthopened to oceanid shame, I wakesame as I was, peelingbones and eating air. © 2021 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

“Is it only me?” by Coco.

It’s been a decade now,Since we last saw each other.But it still hurts me to know,That you’ve moved on with another. I still remember our times together,When we talked about ‘happily ever after’.Sometimes I can’t help but wonder,Is it only me, or do you also still remember? Every other night, I look at your picture,And [...]

“My Symphony of Angelical Pain” by Benyin.

Then, was enslaved in your sheathin a bosom of appearing angelic roars;hosting daringly with perfectlygroomed verses, ofyour patterns of inflictionsUnfold me; mold me!I am available for yourdesiring wraths.Untame me, hold me,I am yearning whollyto see your demogorgonsSuspended in waves I shook my petalsbrightly fair to raid your waging pedalsConsole my hungerto behold in your slumberConsole [...]

“Silence” by FromtheHeart.

When the quiet hits the roomLike a silent bomb, it arrivesAnd in the silence- a lonely feelIt comes in a pretty disguise. And as you sigh, releasing breath,The day washes right away.But silence in never ending formSometimes brings sadness your way. It can make you think of happier timesOr even the struggles you’ve facedIt can [...]


Memory elides into the eyes there (let it die) in the sloth of dreams, it is a protest against the ice shadow of what the fuck were we thinking under the frail permanence of memory, this stir dislocated into cracked lilacs red born as species, the earth moves the rock. The ocean shivers each broken [...]

“Undefined” By Brand.

Phantoms drift midst deep dusk light timeless and summer, but never settle. Gray, shadowed and peaceful faint impressions rust like old sun faded paintings on the brick of an antique building. Unclear Regardless With each touch, the surface crumbles Chips of paint and dust clatter to a debris cluttered sidewalk. The more I try to [...]

Traces by the horizon.

Winter falls away, traces never ending like the tattered twilight  alone; the serpent’s blood  betrays the sea of lovers that fall upon the memory one by one. In blue wailing of the sea glare white diffused with ivory bone meeting the whisper of cold silence, the exile of our ghosts, the depth of language when [...]


illustrated in millenniums where our scars fall, while silence deranges sanctity in the deep spines and limbs of animals I can almost remember; the landscape fire sleeps lingering in a land from god, watching often on the shore as we become held to the distant sacrifice  of the memory; as the ocean is pierced with [...]

Awake (Draft).

In an age                         of watching…             through a mind suffice                         in icy tombs; What word through our own,             to have finally sought                         the black star             that was the world we lived                         sleepless. And, awake.                         Drifting… Silence bare                                     on the dark mid-sea.                                                 The peony masking light [...]

The last mask of winter.

The fields             sluiced with rain                                     on the leafing             of memory, On each rock and scree             living in the Appalachian breeze. The mind of frost             crusted in the corbeil             undressing in the air. Where is our consciousness?             The bluster of stone streaked in corrupt minds             on the last [...]

They had gone.

“where the dead walked and the living were made of cardboard.”—Ezra Pound. The apparition paradise projects onto streets like death, into the turn of the mountain Forward on its side where ice fell and mingled leaf-like into the ocean In pure rhythm like a God in kinship with free tamed with the ice-cold Be it [...]


Hidden in senses, we, alone, are disenchanted in the sleep blue mist, as an expanse of ghosts and dreams never had. Leave behind our minds, the dispensation of a white trance in the universe; leave behind the resinous trees secreting mist where no space is left. The shadows of our mind, displaced in amber, consumed [...]

Black rivers.

Do not look at the black night In the whitecap of the storm, And then when it comes to dreams, Do not speak of them to me For I lived in the years before. Strands in the lust of blood Into the twilit road at night The first fleet dead, slayed At Octavian's feet, And it [...]

Dreams we’ve never had.

Photo prompt response to Crimson's Creative Challenge #69 Word count: 101. As though the sleep mist has trembled in my hands In the distant overflows of shadows, Descending in lament, These shadows of our lament; We walk into the light, We walk to drown in celestial darkness, Our nourishing gardens In chrome-like bowls of red [...]


A feather lifts into the asters, Made known to the wind Teeming with a protestation Of what awaits to be quelled Eternally in this infinity, This sacrifice that slips from the dark, Settles into a river barely seen. Permeating from frosty caresses Sliding off the rock, And back into the cool, The bare of winter, [...]

Early dark.

In the early dark, Intermingled stirs shake and shake Between the round uncertainty in the uprooted flesh, It is mid-winter where there are blue peacocks, And ringing dunes that carry onto the bearers of ice In our face like waves, receded with flickers That are evasive in our bones with ferity Void of discovering dreaming, [...]

Like forever meets the mist.

Strangled in shades, like caved falling fingers by the creeping river Plunged too brightly in the shadows forever, like forever meets the mist In the emptiness of the humming autumn red fruited and lowly kissed On the swath of land, haunts them, hunts them in the dwelling giver Of promised rapture, the vowel of drunken [...]