Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 6 Part II.

She grappled his face. “You don’t get to say shit like that. Not after this fucked off day. You can go fuck off too if you keep saying that.”

“I’ve never seen you so sentimental.”

“It’s not like you’d remember,” Lauren sighed, only now feeling how sweated up her tank-top had become.

“Ouch. Low blow.”… Read More Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 6 Part II.

Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 5 Part I.

“You are a sheer pain in the ass. If you were not my damn brother, I would have left you to rot in those fields,” Lauren murmured making sure that Tom couldn’t hear.

The downpour was getting heavy, but that was not the reason for Lauren’s worry. She was still trying to calculate the entire process she had to escape this dreaded island; and the hiss she heard was bothering her.… Read More Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 5 Part I.

Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 4.

Clutching a sharp knife from her satchel, she sliced away and pushed aside the climbers and branches that obtruded in their way; Lauren forged her way through the forest, Tom following right behind her. They had drawn closer to the neck of the woods, occupied by trees laden with luscious and succulent fruits, that stretched for a few miles.… Read More Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 4.

Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 3.

Zara paced back and forth between the branches, curling her feet around the bark covered limbs. As quietly as she could, she watched the two below hurriedly dash about, covering their mechanical transport vehicle. How stupid, she thought. To think they went unseen on such an island as this. How easily she could take them out with her claws she pondered, but now was not the time to strike.… Read More Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 3.

Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 1.

“Now,” said she, licking her lips as she jammed the magazine in with an eight-round of bullets, “you’re going to shoot those fuckers down if you see them, alright?”
Tom snapped his head up and sunk back, “What?”
“Dude. Wake the fuck up—” she passed him the loaded pistol, “and shoot them if you see them from behind.”… Read More Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 1.

Story Collaboration: Chapter 12 Posted. Who wants to write Chapter 13? (Has yet to be claimed!)

Hello and welcome back to the Little Writing Workshop of Horrors Story Collaboration Edition. I decided to write chapter 12 since the story seemed to be reverting back to a hiatus, and I wanted to get the ball rolling so it wouldn’t be on the back burner… I also wanted to chip in again. Can… Read More Story Collaboration: Chapter 12 Posted. Who wants to write Chapter 13? (Has yet to be claimed!)