“Heal” by Navnidhi Vyas.

Harms can be healed by pills How to heal the harms of soul? Remedy is precious yet free Used least wisely yet widely It’s... The magic of “Words” Words can touch and sooth the soul Words can heal others and self Words can do miracles Words can move mountains of miseries Let’s just not be [...]

“Tis I, Marie” by Lisa Fox.

Marie Laveau painting by Frank Schneider. “Tis I, Marie, you come to seeYou there so prim on marble benchWhat brings you here week after weekI’m now a charred and crumbling wretch You heard the tales and need adviceIn one of many hundred waysI’ve seen your kind, oh once or twiceA mouse without, but heart ablaze [...]

of memory.

I am dream-bound      to the weeping mother of an ocean shore, my shadow is darker      than the prose tree of mind and desire           a prospect of inner lunacy and death;      the clam’s mouth is lighter between the sun, into the silence of blue willows      to the inmost bones of creation [...]

out of reach.

A wish, these solitudes in dark wept, midnight                exits in a dream, torturing you; emerges      in oceans, as if the face of the sea-light                is in a trance of wander, a dark mind urges       this end of game; the half-lit stretch devours death quietly in hyacinth winter as we left;                [...]

Flowers for you.

flowers for you bursting like a ghost; red and white violets that were in a market shop your eyes hunted them and they were yours; as the street calls out in loneliness the telephone replays with your voice engraved in a blue marble vase by the sea gone. © 2020 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

“A Warning” by Daniel Pearce.

I don’t know whose granting wishes these days Some sorry self-elect, Maybe no one, maybe God. Too busy to do their job correct. Oh and your timing? Superb. I was worried about my mid-life crisis I can’t believe you had the nerve! Specifically the right one To take half my sight Halve my ability to [...]

They had gone.

“where the dead walked and the living were made of cardboard.”—Ezra Pound. The apparition paradise projects onto streets like death, into the turn of the mountain Forward on its side where ice fell and mingled leaf-like into the ocean In pure rhythm like a God in kinship with free tamed with the ice-cold Be it [...]