Tag: Tragedy

“I Wanna Go Home…” by Helena.

I remember the moon was about to shine at that time. Her parents were still at work and supposed to be home at 7 pm. During weekends, she’s back at her parents’ care while she was left with her witch grandmother on weekdays. A hell week as she called it. And to avoid getting a Friday bruise, she came with a boy from her … Read More “I Wanna Go Home…” by Helena.

Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #2 Entries.

Here are the rest of the flash fiction entries in the order received: Untitled by Chris Ludke. How did I get here? Being lost is normal for me because I move around so much. I often wake up and ask myself, “Where the hell am I?” It’s not a scary feeling. I’m also lost when driving. One time I was trying to find my … Read More Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #2 Entries.

“Renee By A Thread” by Tom Alexander.

Down the corridor, comes a scream Was it physical pain or the horror of finally learning the way this game is turning They took your clothes gave you a gown there was nothing to do but lay right down Now, the machine breathes for you hung by a thread and leaving soon Faint flashes behind tired eyelids recalled moments from a busy life; the … Read More “Renee By A Thread” by Tom Alexander.

“The One Who Got Away” by PatBunny.

He’s the one who got away. Had everything and ran away, To his paradise far away. With the love and care meant for me, The skills, the practice and the support, Had it long as mine was short. To run away; forget me, why not? He’s the one that got away. The god, the glory, the gold, Had it all under his hold. To … Read More “The One Who Got Away” by PatBunny.


By CityLightsAndPowerlines. You’re a liar and I knew it from the start, But stupidly- I gave you my weary heart. I gave you the only ounce of trust I had left- But your imaginary tales took it and fled. I’ve been stabbed in the back time after time- And every time we talk, something isn’t right. I start to feel the hair raise on … Read More “You”

A Red Hyacinth.

We stopped in the primordial catacombs Waiting for the wrinkled aromas unto fresh Italy, And fog that had diverged the roots, laine with fallen roses; And I’ve heard the lonesome flow around the shore, Unrest among the madmen and women in the streets, And no more betwixt the gleaming roads, and yellow winters From before—“Let the darkness among the pillared mercy Surf onto the … Read More A Red Hyacinth.

“Please Don’t” By The Golden Ray.

Please don’t stay, Please don’t leave me. Please don’t listen, Please don’t ignore me. Please don’t speak, Please don’t stay silent. Please don’t be there, Please help me. The pain won’t end, The pain won’t go, Will the pain leave with you? Or will it just grow? Want to submit something? Just go here.

The Last Quiet Cry.

As the world Casted the dark coves That shore wished upon… The entity of Death lives Upon this very shore, unborn. Warping rivers tarnished Us all, as we, solemn, nearing further, Are in the givens of cruel fate (oh, fate,) That from here—we possess The mercies of waters in the air, Voices shown away, withered upon valance, the hues of a moaning Sorrowful sea … Read More The Last Quiet Cry.