Book Review of “New and Selected Poems.”

New and Selected Poems is a self-published poetry book by Dominic Alapat. Spread through three previous ebooks, this poetry collections contains 113 poems, both old and new, encompassing mental health, nature, and a mystical element that grabs at you in the simplicity and beauty of moving figurative language.



From Playwright to Hellwright, Lucy provides poetry in the primary form of free-verse, indulging in dark and confessional poetry from the modernist and post modernist inspirations of Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, Wallace Stevens, E.E. Cummings, T.S.Eliot, and Leonard Cohen.

At the Little Writing Workshop of Horrors, Lucy provides different writing opportunities to recognize and promote writers in the writing community. These opportunities include collaborative poems and novels, writing challenges, and writing contests.

Lucy has published poetry that appears in Visual Verse Anthology, Variant Literature Magazine and The Scarlet Leaf Review among others under the pseudonym of “Ellie Onka.”

Unless otherwise stated, all works are under the copyright © Lucy’s Works